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My family has been using Auto Pros... by Katie Fafinski - 5/2017

My family has been using Auto Pros for a long, long time now after having a string of bad experiences at other auto shops. I called Gary just a bit ago about service that I might need to have done and even just talking to him on the phone, I felt like I was a priority and that I'd be taken care of. What a gift that is to have someone instill that feeling in the midst of what can very often be a stressful and anxiety-inducing process of having auto repairs done. I could not sing higher praises of Auto Pros if I tried!

Great prices, good work, and nice people... by Sheila Jurgens - 4/2017

Great prices, good work, and nice people. I found them when I lived in Carver and had a sensor replaced. A short time later we moved to Robbinsdale. Recently my car broke down on the side of the road so I had it towed to a dealership up in Brooklyn Park. The dealer fixed enough to get my car up and running, but quoted us $3K to fix my ABS and traction control. I wanted a second opinion and I felt I could trust Auto Pros of Chaska because they made a good impression. They got my car in right away, found the problem, and fixed my car for $500. VERY HAPPY!

This crew is awesome... by Jean Dolezal - 4/2017

This crew is awesome. We were visiting our daughter in New Prague and on our way back home just South of Bemidji. My vehicle needed at catalytic converter, plugged. Car would only go 28mph. Gary got us in right away. Put himself in our shoes, being stranded. Had waited in the waiting room for abit over two hours. While waiting I felt like a mouse in the corner. With walk ins and phone conversations, I noted everything on the up and up, from the techs explanation of their findings to Gary and advisors and then from advisors and Gary to the customers. Being in the industry myself for 35+ years and now retired, I have to tell you these people treat you as if your family as if it was their vehicle and money. They give you all the options. On our vehicle they tried a product that may have cleaned the converter. Well, no luck with my converter and then no charge with the attempt. Had to replace converter. Very very reasonable cost. Prices have changed since I was in the trade, so I called another shop to compare. Gary was a little over 2/3 the $. Trustworthy is a good word. It's hard to find people you can trust with you baby. You can rest at ease. You found them here. Check them out, you'll agree.

Thank you, Gary and crew,... by Jane and Ted H. - 7/29/2016

Thank you, Gary and crew, for finding the problems with our 2003 Murano and fixing them. Thank you, too, for your honesty in not guessing what the problems were and fixing more than what was needed the first time when diagnostics couldn't determine specific causes and then crediting the diagnostics charges to the second time when specifics were determined. We appreciate your going the extra mile to determine the problems. After months of worrying about a breakdown on the road from a vehicle that was stuttering and hesitating, we are relieved and excited to have our smooth-running, reliable vehicle back!! With a vehicle that is 13 years old, we have been to our share of service stations and believe that we have been charged excessively for much of that service. With Auto Pros of Chaska, we believe we have found a "home" for our vehicles' maintenance -- one that exemplifies honesty, integrity, fairness, and great value -- and we will happily recommend you to family and friends. Thank you.

Finally! Honest auto service and amazing prices! by GOHRN at Citysearch

As a single mom, I was intimidated with the thought of finding someone to give me honest answers about the major repairs my car needed. Several people referred me to Gary at Auto Pros -- and I wasn't disappointed! Gary and his staff actually cared about earning my business and minimizing the cost of my repairs. Their price was great and the service was unmatched! Now they have all of my business and I've also recommended them to many friends and co-workers who were treated as wonderfully as I was.

Finally, an HONEST mechanic who is respectful of women!

by restoretherapeutic at Citysearch

I have always had extremely honest and respectful service at Auto Pros. I have had service to my vehicle (which is both an import and a diesel..and they can handle it expertly) and was extremely pleased with the thorough explanations and courteous treatment. I have also purchased snow tires at Auto Pros and they worked to find me the best possible deal and the highest quality product. I will continue to take my vehicle there and to whole-heartedly recommend Auto Pros Of Chaska to everyone!

Trustworthy car repair... by Nicole W.

As an owner of several "seasoned" cars, I have had my share of experiences with auto repair stores. I can honestly say that I trust Auto Pros work. The owner is very friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable about the repairs. He explains and actually shows you what is wrong with the car. He does not try to oversell the repairs and honestly tells you what absolutely has to be fixed and what can wait. He also does not scare you into making repairs. I definitely recommend this shop!

"top notch"... by Hannah

Gary and his mechanics are "top notch". Auto Pros is the only repair shop that my family & I take our four vehicles to be worked on. They are honest, fair priced and don't take advantage of you. Gary will always go the extra mile to ensure you understand the problem and offer you cost effective options for the repair. We are loyal customers for life!

THANK YOU!!! by holli-ipp

I went to Auto Pros after being told by repair shop in Chaska that I "needed" $1500 worth of work done to my car. Gary and his mechanics looked at my car for nothing, walked me into their shop, visually SHOWED me what I needed, and cut my bill to about $600. I only bring my family's vehicles to Auto Pros now on. They always call before doing anything. I think other people need to know what a great job they do. THANK YOU!!!

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